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  • Baby Boy Baptism Outfit - RUS 906


    Baby Boy Baptism Outfit  - RUS 906 Handmade baby boy baptism outfit. This style consists of four pieces: Tailored tucked short sleeve shirt and buttons hidden behind the beautiful embroidery with pleated knickers with matching boing cap/hat. A classic look with short sleeves, knickers ,and suspenders.Detailed with tucks and pearl beading at the center of the shirt ...

  • Aurora Borealis Crystal Wedding Lazo LA JC 616-S


    Aurora Borealis Crystal Wedding Lazo LA JC 616-S The Aurora Borealis crystal Wedding Lazo LAJC 616-S - Lazo de Bodas Handmade Lasso - Lasso de Bodas Handmade with cupped crowned crystal knots - Lazo de Bodas provides an extravagant element for the Catholic sacred tradition. Detailed throughout with dazzling Swarovski crystals that are brought together with cupped ...