Wedding Unity Coins

Wedding unity coins are a confirmation and promise by the groom to support, love and admire his soon-to-be wife. Her acceptance of the coins communicates her loyalty, trust and intent to support her new husband. Traditionally, the coins themselves represent Jesus and his 12 apostles. Their meaning has since expanded to include the 13 tenets of marriage: Love, Trust, Commitment, Happiness, Respect, Wisdom, Wholeness, Nurturing, Joy, Caring, Cooperation, Harmony, and Peace.

This portion of your wedding ceremony represents prosperity and the commitment of you as a new couple. Solidify this commitment with arras de oro y plata para boda, or gold and silver coins. Choose among round, octagon, rectangular or even floral-shaped chests to hold the coins. Our juego de arras y cofre, or chest and coins sets, simplify your search for beautiful matching sets that can be passed from generation to generation.

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